A Whole New View

Long, long delay since the last post. I'll blame the prolonged battle with some really tough stuff that left little time or motivation to throw down a few words. In the meantime, we had about a five-minute spring and now it's that glorious, comfy, vibrant, life-bursting time of early summer. Temps are perfect for doing everything we love, as long as it's outside. I stepped out the door the other day, say 6:30 am or so, to a joyous orchestra of birdsong, 100 species strong, and all belting out their happiest lyrics. Over there on the birdfeeder--an indigo bunting, scarlet tanager, oriole, grosbeak, goldfinches, and chickadees. An all-star cast, with luminescent red cardinals making cameos from their sideline perches. 

We earned days like this from enduring so many frozen, white ones. It's too nice to be in here pecking at a computer. I'm goin' outside!