Out hikin'


Timed this one perfectly. Between cold fronts and soggy weather patterns, the sky cleared above our cabin in northern Wisconsin, so we bolted to the North Country Trail for a walk in the woods. The Brule Portage section is a must-do, if you're a fan of the area, especially from the Highway A trailhead near Solon Springs and its easy access to the mystical cedar bog, but this day we chose to start from the other end, at the Highland Town Hall. Only time for a quick out and back, and that was fine this time. Just wanted to get in the woods and breathe that fall air, rife with the smells of orange red brown maple leaves, pine needles on and off their trees, and logs cloaked in moss, on their slow, decaying, return into the earth. Some of the originally orange maple leaves were mottled with red, like they were splattered with the flick of a paint brush. The Brule River only shows itself in brief moments from the ridge, but there are treetop views of the valley and opposite ridge, and occasional rolling hills in and out of ravines and drainages of tiny stream trickles. The whole forest was a shade brighter from the blazing yellow aspen, almost like a light was on. Gorgeous. Another couple of weeks, though, and navigation through here will get tricky, with the trail carpeted entirely in yellow and orange leaves. 


Just a teaser today. Next time there will be full packs on our backs for a quiet night out.