We currently have a two-step ordering process. Click to buy is the easy part, but you will also need to send an email (through the link below) with the information we need to create your product, be it a thought, idea, daydream, whatever. Finding the right words is why you're here in the first place,  so if it is more comfortable for you, we welcome and encourage phone calls to dial in the very best results. (Mention this when ordering to proceed with that step.)  So, simply follow order instructions below and we will process your order within three days. Prices include one completed draft and one round of minor edits (if needed). Subsequent or significant changes to orders will be accommodated on a per-project basis.

  • Text only     .50/word     Send your thoughts, a handful of words you'd like to use, stories of life events. We will create a message of your choice, ready for you to finish to deliver-ready format.               Product ID: TXT
  •  Greeting card (text only or text and layout)     $8     Choose a celebration, event, special occasion, and we will provide your text in stand-alone form, or greeting card layout, with your choice of traditional front and inside presentation, single side greet, or other layout choice such as front only with blank inside for additional add-ons. Product ID: CRDTXT
  • Letter     $10     Don't knock the simple yet heartfelt promise of a good ol' fashioned letter. We might not hand write them anymore, but the message is the same: Telling that person how much they mean to you, in your words. Price includes one full page. Add $5 for each additional page.                     Product ID: LTR

  • Note     $5     Just a note at that perfect moment can go a long way. Price includes text only.       Product ID: NTE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  •  Stay tuned for additional services, including delivery of fully finished products.                                                                                                             

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