higherlatitude's Stories of Our Time

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Memoirs. Biographies. Seminal events. Feats of adventure.

You have a story to tell. You have a journal of an epic event, a notebook (or a heart) full of memories, even a rough manuscript ready for a final touch. It's all there but you don't quite know how to turn it into an engaging story, or there is not enough time to bring all those memories to life in your own book or family history. Maybe you just need a keen editing eye to add a catchy word, ensure that comma is in the right place and fixx speling errers. We can do all of that, from Page One to The End.  

Reach to us to put your thoughts and life events into book-worthy form to share with your family and friends, or go all the way to publication in a traditional print or e-book. Our team of talented editors and marketing pros bring a combined 20 years' experience to deliver a final product of a quality to match a proud tradition, rich history, or recount of a life event. A few of our projects include:

  • Family histories
  • Individual biographies - chronicles of overcoming, inspiration, adventure, sporting achievement
  • Town or region histories
  • Church histories and stories

Excerpts of current and past projects will be posted soon, and are always available upon request. (Follow the link on the Contact page.)

Want to see your story come to life? Get in touch for a consultation.