And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
— T.S. Elliot


I stoked a fire for cycling on a long-ago father-son ride to northern Wisconsin, in a t-shirt, cut-offs and reject basketball shoes. A self-propelled recreation junkie and fan of all things outdoors, that first trip sparked a storytelling passion that continues with a recent cycling guidebook, the latest in a varied list of outdoor-focused titles. A regular contributor to Backpacker and regional magazines across the country, some of my other work includes Best Bike Ride Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota Waterfalls, Loop Hikes Colorado, Bicycling Wisconsin, Mountain Biking Minnesota, and spinoff projects like media guides for sporting events in the upper Midwest. A recent memoir, Longer I Run, was published as an e-book release and is available Amazon's Kindle page and other e-retailers. And don't forget my first children's book! Jack & Lauren in The Big Bog is the first of a learning adventure series. It's a fun little book with a great message.

Part of the fourth generation of deep family roots in Wisconsin’s far north, I spent my formative years in that incomparable beauty of the North Country and rural, southern Minnesota, nurturing a strong affinity for the outdoors and piling up memories as a country kid.  I'm showing my own two kids the finer things from those same vantage points.  After ten years of visiting Colorado to hit the slopes, my passion for all things outdoors took me back to the mountains in 1991, where I managed to earn a natural resources management degree at Colorado State University, in spite of irresistible alpine distractions. (There might have been a class or two skipped to go skiing...) With a good kick in the creative butt from a former professor, I wrote my first book and with an ambitious head of steam, have released at least one title every year since, in addition to an armload of consumer magazine articles. My work leans largely toward outdoor recreation and related subjects, with additional publications in the sports world, historic preservation, and climate change. 2015 ushered in a new initiative with memoir and biography writing, preserving our life stories in words. Check out my Portfolio and Stories of Our Time pages. 


My home base is…..wherever I happen to be. Mostly in southern MN, where two young kids I know have called me names like Best Dad in the World (hey, I’ll take it now, and remind them about it when they’re teenagers) but I roam between, and write from, where my heart is, in places like Wisconsin’s woods, Colorado’s mountains, and southern California. 

Naturally, my outlets are active, and I am either on a hiking trail wearing a backpack, or on my bicycle wearing Lycra. If I have a spare hour or five, I am outdoors and in tune with nature's finest. 

Meantime, I'll be Out There, living life at a higher latitude. 



Steve Johnson